Thursday, February 23, 2006

Obi-Wan Kenobi - Robber Extraordinaire

I peered into the room. Good, I thought. Mace Windu was a-restin' on his bald shiny head. Tip-toeing, which I realized made the floor's squeakin even worse, I snuck in.

squeak, squeak, squeak

There, on the dresser, his speeder keys glimmered in the sun. It'ws almost noon, but I know ol' baldy likes to sleep late. Gettin som'ma that beauty rest for his scalp. Not tiptoein' no more, I walked to where it was. The floor was still squeakin, but not so bad.

squeak, squeak

Within reach of his keys, I grasped 'em. They made a jinglin sound.


I stopped where I was looked back. Mace turned round in his sleep, that was all. I slowly walked back towards the door, carefully holdin the keys to muffle the jinglin.

squeak, squeak

I was at the door. Lookin back in his room, I realized I dun the impossible. I (sorta) outsmarted Mace. Forgetting I'ws still holdin the keys, I did my "we did it, hooray!" dance, which I learned from a show called Dora the Explora. I thought about meetin' Dora, along with Ernest.

jingle, jingle, jingle

"What the- What'choo doin with my keys, Obi-Wan?" It was Mace. Gettin outta bed, still in his ducky PJs, he looked furious. "You get back here!"

Knowin the smart thing to do, I ran.