Thursday, November 22, 2007

My Proppy sition.

Ev'ry now n then, the guys decide to have what Mas'r Yoda calls "boring big boy stuff." That's basic'ly all it is, trust me. I been to one before, and man was it boring big boy stuff. It went sometin' like this, for all you who're curious.

Yoda: To vote on proppy sition #9353, which is somethin' Ol Ben don't care about, time it is. Those in fav'r:
(He dain't really say that, but I kinda furgit what he was talkin bout.)

A bunch a old guys: Eye.

A bunch a younger guys: Neigh.

Yoda: A tie it is. Kenobi, you dunce! Votin' you are not!

At this point I was kinder zonin out, listenin to music in my head. It was this new stuff that came on the radio th' other day.

Yoda: Kenobi!

Kenobi: Wuh?

Yoda: Care you not about proppy sition #9353? Have you not been payin'..... Never mind. Just pick yes or no you must.

Kenobi: Uhhh.... yes?

Yoda: Passed, proppy sition #9353 is. Get out, Kenobi.

N' so I git the heck outta that musty ol' place, because none a them want me in there durin their boring top secret discussin's. I was once tole how they voted on gettin me a lil shack to live in outside the temple. But some of the young'r guys submitted it as a joke, n so I don't think I'm gettin one. They tell me to keep inside the grounds, cause to tell y'all the truth, I git lost pretty darn easy.

So I was sittin out there the other day, bein bored. My butt hurt. Alotta the times, the guys forget 'bout me, so I'm sittin out there for days. Anyways, I got this awesome idea. What if they let me put some ol' furniture out in the front yard? Like it don't have to be expensive n stuff. In fact, I'd go right to the ol' intergalactic junkyard n pick up a couch or two, if they let me. And it ain't like I'd be crowdin up the front yard with tons of TVs n refridgeraters n stuff that they trip over my junk every time they git outside, though gettin one of each might not be such a bad idea. Maybe I'll even get an ol tractor to drive from couch to couch with, if I ain't much feelin like walkin.

Not only that, but the Jedi Temple'd look like a real nice, warm homely place.

Any ways, I hope yall take it into some deep consideratin at the next dumb meetin' you have.


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